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fire damage SacramentoFire damage, smoke and odor contamination in your home or business can be devastating and overwhelming. It can affect all surfaces throughout the property, including furniture, flooring, metals, silver, crystal and even stainless steel fixtures. In addition, the residues left behind after a structure fire or smoke damage event usually contains toxic, carcinogenic residues. Immediate effects often include respiratory problems (nose, throat, and lungs), eye irritation and/or exacerbation of pre-existing medical conditions. The emotional effects of fire or smoke damage can be intense, especially when sentimental personal items are damaged or destroyed. We know and handle the delicate nature of fire damage restoration with compassion and the professional care you deserve.

After the fire has been suppressed, the windows and doors may need to be securely boarded up to guard against theft or vandalism. At a minimum, emergency protection against etching of metals and glass should be conducted, and utilities may need to be shut off as well. The longer the needed neutralization, corrosion control and restorative cleaning is delayed, the more extensive the damage and the higher the cost of restoration when the process is finished. Sometimes the electricity and valves may need to be shut off, depending on the severity of the fire. Further damage or a re-occurrence can happen if these steps are not taken when appropriate.

Our team at Certified Property Rescue is ready to respond to fire emergencies within 2 hours of your call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These IICRC certified technicians understand the need for a rapid response to get the recovery process underway.

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Emergency Fire Mitigation Services

CPR’s compassionate, service-minded staff utilizes the latest technology and training to provide and the following emergency fire mitigation services:

  • 24/7 emergency fire restoration services – typically onsite in under 2 hours
  • Assistance with the insurance claim process
  • Board-up and temporary protection (for security and weather purposes)
  • Complete smoke and odor remediation
  • Professional air purification and deodorization
  • Cleaning & sanitation of salvageable areas
  • Application of sanitizing agents and antimicrobials in order to prevent mold and mildew
  • Pack-outs and contents cleaning: Careful inventorying and removal of damaged household goods, personal possessions and other contents for cleaning and restoration.
  • Short or long-term storage of contents at our climate controlled, highly-secure warehouse, when necessary (on-site or off-site storage options available)
  • Industrial grade extractors, dehumidifiers, air movers and specialty equipment
  • Flooring protection and restoration
  • Demolition, when necessary
  • Anti-etching treatment of metals, silver, crystal and glass
  • Coordination of duct cleaning and any necessary reconstruction

Smart Steps To Protect Yourself and Your Property

Following a fire or smoke damage event, below are a few smart steps you can take to be safe and to protect yourself and your property:

number1 Do not stay in the area while smoke smell is present without proper respiratory protection. Smoke particles can stay in the air for days after a fire, and should be filtered for your health and safety if you must be in the affected areas.
number2 Do not attempt to clean items with soot on them by “typical” cleaning methods or with household cleaning products. Soot can smear into walls and grind into fabrics if not properly and professionally treated. This sometimes causes additional damage, and may render items or surfaces non-restorable.
number3 If you have appropriate personal protective equipment, clean metal surfaces (door knobs, cabinet handles, stainless steel appliances etc.) as soon as possible to prevent the acids in soot from pitting these surfaces.

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Soot and Ash Clean-up

icon_smokeWhen fire damage occurs, surfaces of almost everything in the structure will be coated with varying degrees of soot and/or ash. Sometimes these contaminants are only visible when performing a “test wipe” with a white cloth and specialized cleaning solution or micronized rubber “chem sponge”, revealing a darker residue on the testing surface when affected. If, for example, food cooking on the stovetop is forgotten and left unattended, resulting in hours of “incomplete combustion” and heavy smoke damage in much of a home, smoke and ash particulate residue will continue to keep the home smelling like “smoke” until it is professionally cleaned, deodorized and properly remediated. We use the state-of-the-art cleaning agents & methods, industrial grade HEPA vacuums, HEPA filtration “air scrubbers”, and restorative techniques to completely eliminate smoke odor and the carcinogenic particles that cause the odor.

Simply cleaning surfaces in a home is not a solution for heavy smoke contamination; the odor will return when the weather changes, and in the meantime, you and other occupants of the structure will continue breathing these potentially harmful particles every minute you are indoors. Additionally, depending on the type of fire and what was burned during the process, the remediation protocol can change significantly to accommodate specific risks and variables associated with each fire or smoke damaged home or business. We assess these liabilities and job-specific requirements to make sure that the very best methods and technology only are used for each unique situation. What may be fine in one scenario may not be best for the next fire, smoke, or ash related disaster we encounter. Our technicians understand this, and have the knowledge, experience and training to make these professional determinations.

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Fire or smoke damage usually affects the HVAC systems (heating systems, air conditioning systems or both) of the building in question. Unless HVAC units were in direct contact with the fire, they can be saved via professional cleaning of the units and the duct system. If this very important step is not taken at the right stage during the remediation process, the next time HVAC system(s) are activated, they could spread soot and ash throughout the structure again, ruining all prior work. CPR fire restoration team leaders make sure each important step of the remediation and restoration process is orchestrated at the right time, saving money and time while getting our customer’s lives back to normal faster.

While coordinating with our customers and their insurance adjusters, we evaluate whether the components in the structure can be saved or need to be replaced (i.e. appliances, drywall, paint, carpet, cabinets, fixtures, HVAC unit etc). We offer expert opinions and advice relative to our professional experience and advanced training in the evaluation process. Depending on the wishes of the customer, we can assist in this sensitive process or fully administer the process of determining whether items/surfaces should be cleaned, deodorized and remediated, or if replacement is the best option. We determine whether drying may need to occur (i.e. if the structure remains wet from fire suppression efforts), what may need to be sealed (i.e. attic spaces or inside wall cavities), and what may need to be rebuilt or undergo more “aggressive” restoration measures.

If you experience fire, smoke, soot or ash damage in your home or business, call Certified Property Rescue as soon as possible to get the restoration process underway: 855-CPR-TRUST (855-277-8787).


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